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eXPress Services

eXPress Services involves the coordination of the efficient movement of patients and equipment through a hospital, while providing our clients a centralized channel of support to improve patient satisfaction and allowing clinical staff to focus on aspects essential to their role. As a growing segment of our business, we have an increasing need for candidates who are passionate about helping people and aspire to be in the health care field. Those with a background in hospitality, logistics, transportation or business may find a career in eXPress Services rewarding.


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Locations that utilize eXPress Services are categorized by the number of services Sodexo provides at each client site:

Single eXPress

In a Single eXPress environment, employees are aligned with Patient Transport, Concierge or Service Response Center (SRC) services.

Multi eXPress

In a Multi eXPress environment, our team manages two or more services, including Patient Transport, Concierge and Service Response Center (SRC) services.

There are a variety of roles ranging from entry-level to senior management available within eXPress Services:

eXPress Manager 1 & 2

The eXPress / Patient Transport Manager will lead a team of customer service-focused employees and is responsible for the hiring, training and supervision of unit employees. Single eXPress Managers are typically located at smaller facilities, while Multi eXPress Managers are at larger facilities.

Operations Manager 1 & 2

The Operations Manager reports to the General Manager at the account and may oversee one or more eXPress Services for small to mid-sized units. Supervises a team of managers, maintains customer satisfaction, and ensures good public relations.

General Manager

A General Manager will oversee eXPress Services for larger units, while managing full-time employees, Operation Managers, and financials.

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Search Jobs - eXPress
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