Your Future... So Sodexo

At Sodexo, our management employees are able to work in several different business sectors – from healthcare to schools to corporate and military locations. In fact, Sodexo provides Environmental Services to more hospitals than any other company in the United States.

Watch: Teamwork at Sodexo

Your role with Sodexo will focus on training and leading a team of employees, managing your unit and client relationship, and ensuring that Sodexo’s values of Service Spirit, Team Spirit and Spirit of Progress come alive. Through a hospitality-based approach, your team will improve the Quality of Life of the patients and clients they serve.

Whether you manage a team in Environmental Services, or specialize in eXPress Services, career growth and mobility opportunities will put you in charge of your career path.

Explore the world of Environmental Services on the Sodexo Careers Blog.

"Research Sodexo, as well as the position and the client location you want to work for. Our clients expect you to do your homework."

Amy Lentes
General Manager, Sodexo Healthcare

Watch: Teamwork at Sodexo