Your Future... So Sodexo

Are you ready to make a clean break from the ordinary? Watch our recorded workshops and panel discussions to learn how to launch your career in Environmental Services, while gaining insight into the industry from senior women leaders at Sodexo.

Making Every Day a Better Day (2016)

"My management team and I made a vow: we don’t go home unless we do something that makes someone’s day a better day. We’re not just here to clean, we’re here to give our patients a better day."

Lori Osborne
General Manager, Multi-Service III, Hospitals


"Not only we are making sure the operating rooms are sterile, but we are also giving the human touch, adding so much more to our patients’ and nurses’ lives."

Janet Hall
Regional Vice President, National Systems


Career Development: What Is Out of Your Control? (2015)

"Look two jobs ahead and apply now for the job that will give you the experience you need to get to your long term goal."

Debbie Schloss
Regional Vice President, Sodexo Healthcare


Career Development: What Is In Your Control? (2015)

"Research Sodexo, as well as the position and the client location you want to work for. Our clients expect you to do your homework."

Amy Lentes
General Manager, Sodexo Healthcare


Resume Essentials Workshop and Panel Discussion (2014)

Panel Topics: Day in the Life, Stereotypes & Misconceptions, Work/Life Balance

"I learned to use my Outlook calendar to set times to take care of work related things, like answering emails and scheduling meetings, and time for personal things. This helps me keep my life balanced."

Cassandra Douglas
District Manager, Sodexo Healthcare


Interviewing Skills Workshop and Panel Discussion (2014)

Panel Topics: Career Opportunity, Professional Development, Career Track with Sodexo

"I love this business. I’m very proud to be in Housekeeping, but it’s not necessarily what I set out to do as a college graduate. Twenty-three years later, I’m still here!"

Kim Dudeck
Regional Vice President, Sodexo Healthcare